Celebrate Valentine's Day 2016 with The Punany Poets. We create the perfect date night with fine romantic comedy theater, books, videos, music, and lover's retreats.

Fall in Love again this Valentine's Season!

@PunanyPoets Valentine's 2016 produced by Chrystale Wilson from The Punany Poets on Vimeo.

@PunanyPoets are preparing for our annual Valentine's Season Tour. This year we will visit #Charlotte, #Atlanta #WashingtonDC #NewYork #NewOrleans #Dallas #Miami and #Houston, among other cities. This year is our 21st anniversary! Enjoy this video of our HBO Real Sex feature that launched a thousand erotic microphones! Then come inside to see when we will be on a stage near you.

The Punany Poets on HBO REAL SEX, Spoken Word, Erotica, Exotic Dance and Interviews with Jessica Holter from The Punany Poets on Vimeo.

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