HOUSTON, TX - SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER, 27TH - 6:00PM - Jessica Holter stars in The Head Doctor Dinner Theater Show, Especially for Couples!

HOUSTON, TX 9/27/14 6pm

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HOUSTON, TX 9/27/14 6pm
HOUSTON, TX - SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER, 27TH - 6:00PM - Jessica Holter stars in The Head Doctor Dinner Theater Show, Especially for Couples! @JessicaHolter returns to the stage for this special event & Fundraiser; Saturday, September 27 at 9pm at La Vie Fusion Bistro VIP, Group Pass, General Admission and Couples Passes are available online here.



La Vie Fusion Bistro & Lounge

14520 Memorial Dr

Suite 112

Houston, Texas 77079


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The evening begins with The Head Doctor’s Question & Answer Exchange (30 minutes), then moves seamlessly into a 90-minute performance that is all at once fantastic and familiar, at times inviting audience members to become part of the act.

"The Head Doctor" will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride of fantasy and pleasure that explores human sexuality, touching on issues of romance, dating, poverty, prostitution, marriage and sex in the age of HIV/AIDS… all while keeping it sexy and without being preachy or judgmental. The show is humorous, sexy, witty, wise and absolutely unforgettable. Adults only. Adult Themes. Includes elements of comedy, poetry, exotic dance, artistic nudity.


About The Punany Poets: Jessica Holter unwittingly created a contemporary urban design of Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed when she created The Punany Poets in 1995 to address HIV AIDS among disenfranchised Americans of color. See Representin’ the Forbidden, PhD dissertation. Today The Punany Poets is a strong brand and a Theater company dedicated to edutainment through hard-core theatrical presentations surrounding issues of sexuality as it pertains to economics, religion, politics, community mores, self-esteem and health. Read more about The Punany Poets at PUNANYPOETS.COM


Jessica Holter is a mother, an activist and a gifted orator. She is a product of the Alameda County foster care system in Oakland, CA who was called to preach at the age of twelve, but found her plans derailed by sexual abuse and rape. She used the power of her pen to heal and survive and, at 44, is an accomplished publisher, author & producer. Her famous hard-cover poetry classic Verbal Penetration and he debut novel The Punany Experience: The War Between Tops and Bottoms were published by Simon & Schuster and are Available at Amazon, along with 6 self-published titles that include the controversial Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms coffee table shocker than launched her into HBO notoriety. She is currently writing her sophomore novel Bid Whist. Visit Jessica Holter online at JESSICAHOLTER.COM